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Freightliner Trucks

At Lyons Truck and Trailer, Inc., we have years of experience in the trucking industry. We offer only top quality over the road owner/operator class trucks, both new and used. We specialize in matching you with the perfect truck to meet the needs of your business and provide easy financing as well.

If you're looking for Freightliner Trucks for Sale, we have a Freightliner Truck just waiting for you. Freightliner trucks are legendary for their advanced engineering, reliability, efficiency, and ease of maintenance, so they are an excellent choice.

Freightliner Truck Benefits

Great Fuel Economy
Freightliner trucks have aerodynamic styling that reduces wind resistance. Combined with a fuel-efficient motor they provide excellent fuel economy. In addition, heavy-duty Freightliner trucks are lightweight in design, further improving fuel efficiency and allowing you to haul more payload.

Maximum Space and Comfort
Freightliner cabs provide maximum space and comfort with ergonomic layouts that make driving much easier and more comfortable. The cab has tons of storage space for your personal items and many other comfort features.

Advanced Climate Control
The Freightliner cab also offers optimum climate control. Their advanced air conditioning and heating systems feature easy to reach controls with many options for comfort settings. Whether you're travelling through the hottest desert or you're an ice road trucker in the Alaskan wilderness, you will have complete comfort.

Good for Business
Your Freightliner truck is designed with total cost of ownership and uptime in mind. Every system is made to be as efficient as possible. With many advanced technologies to improve vehicle handling and control, plus many safety and comfort features, the enhanced driving experience can make your fleet more productive.

With all of its great features plus the ease of maintenance and easy financing that come with this kind of truck, buying a Freightliner over the road truck from Lyons Truck & Trailer is a smart investment.

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