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Finding the right truck is easier when you know exactly what you are looking for. Lyons Truck & Trailer, Inc. can help you find the right Volvo Truck that meets your needs and specifications. We have an extensive inventory of various trucks from top brands that you can purchase at affordable prices. Use the advanced inventory search function and choose the Volvo Truck for Sale in Indiana that you like.

Why Choose Volvo?

  • Reliability – Proudly assembled in America, Volvo trucks are among the finest trucks in the world. These trucks are built to meet the toughest demands of any industry while still providing the driver with the comfort and safety needed while on the road.
  • Comfort – Volvo trucks have a lot features for maximum comfort and convenience, including spacious cabs, superior handling and maneuverability, and unique cab air suspension. Their insulated cabs provide superior noise dampening and reduce vibration for a smoother ride.
  • Durability – Features such as the three-piece bumper, integrated bug screen, rubber isolators, chassis routing and clipping, spoon brackets, and more provide truck drivers and owners with a truck that performs well and limits out-of-pocket expenses.

Volvo's Safety by Design

Safety is paramount at Volvo and that is why they are dedicated to Safety by Design. The Volvo Group considers safety issues as top priority. The company has used Safety by Design to manufacture safer trucks for commercial industries:

  • Volvo is the first truck manufacturer to make air bags standard equipment.
  • Developed the Swedish cab impact test which remains the toughest and strictest impact tests for trucks.
  • Established the Volvo Accident Research Team to investigate trucking accidents and uses their findings to improve future truck design.
  • Pioneered daytime running lights for better driving visibility in all types of weather conditions.

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